Becoming a Patient

Congratulations on making the informed, educated choice to repair your hernia using the alternative non-plastic mesh repair. You will benefit from:

  • Experienced American Board of Surgery certified surgeons.
  • Non-stainless steel suture repair.
  • Fully monitored by a well qualified anesthetist throughout your operation.
  • Meticulous hemostasis surgery.
  • Modern painless non-metal skin closure.
  • No requirement for prolonged multiple painful steel skin clip removal over 2 – 7 days to after surgery.
  • No prolonged hospitalization.
  • Private nursing and surgeon access.
  • Video conference pre/post surgical care. Lifelong access to surgical care.
  • Your medical record will be available in real time; allowing family to track and be comforted by your progress online.
  • Complete post-surgical care including complications; ours as well as from other specialists.

Rest assured that all your information is held confidentially in a secure manner. Only you can authorize us to release your medical and personal information.

Step 1: Inform us of your medical and other demographic information.
Step 2: We will contact you by return email with supplementary requests for information. Do you have a question?
Step 3: You will discuss your case by phone or video-conference with your surgeon at a mutually agreed time. Click here to book a convenient time.
Step 4: If you are a candidate for surgical repair with us we will confirm this by return email; our patient care coordinator will assist you with travel, transfers, accommodation etc. Click here to send our coordinator an email.
Step 5: Now you are really on your way to having a safe, effective and durable repair of your hernia with the best medical care and common sense can offer. We are looking forward to caring for you.
  • After your successful surgery you have the option of obtaining your medical record in paper format or you can download it.
  • This will include any certifications from us regarding return to work etc.
Step 6: Follow up with us again immediately after surgery by either phone or video-conference having reached home.
Step 7: We can provide supplementary care after surgery.
Step 8: Quality Assurance Feedback: How are we doing? At any time during this process do give us feedback so we can rectify any problems and enhance our care further for patients that follow you.